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Acceptance speech for the Urban League of Kansas Diversity, Equity and Inclusion award from WBJ

Updated: May 10


For over 69 years, the Urban League of Kansas has been a cornerstone of progress, and a catalyst for transformation. Its mission? To foster economic self-reliance and elevate the quality of life of communities through education, empowerment, and self-respect.

The Urban League of Kansas is not just a hub; it is a trusted space that links individuals to vital resources through an array of partnerships. I’m Francois Djedjes, Founder & CEO of Dream to Reality Media, and one of the Trustees of the Urban League of Kansas.

Our commitment is steadfast, focused on seven core priorities:

1. Strengthening Families

2. Safe Stable Housing

3. Health Equity

4. Youth Empowerment

5. Education

6. Career and Workforce

7. Leadership and Civic Engagement

We embrace diversity, champion equity, and create inclusion.

Every program we offer, every endeavor we pursue, is geared towards opening doors for minorities. Together, we're breaking barriers. Forging pathways towards success, one stride at a time.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the staff, our partners and the beloved community we serve, we would like to thank the Wichita Business Journal for recognizing us as a Diversity and Inclusion Honoree.

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